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In Home Nursing Services for the North Shore and metro Boston Areas of Massachusetts.

Global Care Provider LLC is a private home health and nursing agency focused on promoting the wellness and independence of our clients in the community as an alternative to more structured settings. Our goal is to prevent hospitalization or ease the transition home from acute or rehabilitative care. We are based out of Lynn, MA.
Our highly trained staff are committed to helping improve the quality of life of the population that we serve. We are licensed and insured in the state of Massachusetts to provide our clients with that extra level of comfort.

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About Global Care Provider LLC

Global Care Provider LLC is a local agency that is owned and operated by a team of experienced medical professionals and based out of Lynn, MA. Our personnel are carefully chosen to assure that we have a wide variety of experience and expertise. We also employ bilingual staff (Spanish, French, Portuguese) to provide for the community that we serve.
Education for patients and families is important to us as we strive to provide support without our patients feeling overwhelmed. We work closely with the physician to offer a multidisciplinary approach in meeting the physical and psychosocial needs of each patient.
We are on call 24/7 and have enough all time staff to meet your needs.

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The mission behind our work is to support the human creativity and concern for others that in turn leads to the best service possible. We believe that all human beings are of equal worth; and we are committed to providing an atmosphere of empowerment, trust, and respect that reflects that belief. In practice, this philosophy translates into encouraging, assisting, supporting, educating, and allowing a person to make commitments and to take responsibilities. It means allowing a client of one of our programs to do things which may, at times, seem risky, knowing that the gains from the attempt (success or failure) will outweigh the stagnation of the status quo. The challenges are not just for the disempowered individuals. The challenges are for all of us. We value the diverse strengths and talents of our staff as a resource to be developed for the good of all our stakeholders.

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